Understanding the Huddle Room Opportunity

Research note including the definition of a huddle room, the estimated size of the market, and additional related insight

Based on our formal research and ongoing discussions with end-users, channel partners, and vendors, it is clear that the enterprise workplace is evolving at a fast pace.  One area in particular, the enterprise meeting room, is undergoing a wide range of changes in terms of deployment mix (large, medium, and small rooms), room design, AV equipment in use, and end-user expectations. 

WR expects small meeting rooms, which are often called "Huddle Rooms," to play an increasing important role within the workplace.  This research note provides insight into the definition of a huddle room, the market size / number of rooms in the field today, and other related areas. 

Whether you're an end-user defining your meeting room strategy, a reseller seeking to understand the future of the AV / room conferencing space, or a vendor planning future products, this note is a must-read.

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30 Dec 2014
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