Frequently Asked Questions

Registering on the WR Content Portal provides a number of advantages including:

  • Immediate access to all content items that you and your company have purchased
  • The ability to define "favorite" content items
  • Access to our email updates (user-configurable for daily, weekly, or bi-weekly)


The WR Content Portal identifies users based on their email address.  By registering with your company email (e.g., you will immediately be added to your company's account on this site and will gain access to all of the content your company has purchased.

Note that users who register with generic email addresses (e.g.,, etc.) will not be associated with their company.

Sometimes Internet browsers do not display pages properly - either due to settings, security issues, or other problems.  For some people, this changes the way the account activation page looks on-screen.

To resolve this issue, please clear your Internet browser's cache.  Our experience is that this will solve this problem 95% of the time.

If this doesn't work if you have other questions, please contact [email protected].

If your email address changes or if you change companies, please register on this site using your new email address.  Once done, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know that your old email address is no longer in use.

To change your password, please Sign up and then go to Change Your Password page.
If you forget your password, simply go to the Forget Your Password page, enter your email address, and click on the "Email new password" button.

To change your email update frequency, please ...

  1. Click on your name at the top right of the screen to access your user profile page.
  2. Click on the "Edit" tab
  3. Click on the "Contact Information" tab
  4. Change the "Email Update Preferences" drop-down as required (options include daily, weekly, every other week, and monthly).

The WR Content Portal provides authorized users with secure access to public and subscriber-only content.  In most cases, WR's content is licensed on an organization-wide basis, and the WR Content Portal identifies organization members based on their email addresses.  For example, validated Content Portal users with an email address are considered to be a part of Wainhouse Research.  When a person leaves a company, he is no longer authorized to view WR content as a part of his prior company's license. 

How Do I Verify My Email Address?

Clicking on the URL in the validation email confirms that you still have access to your email account and therefore are still covered by your organization's content access license.  The entire process takes less than 10 seconds to complete.

What Happens if I Don't Verify My Email Address?

The WR Content Portal will send three emails requesting that you validate your email address.  If you do not validate your email address after the third request, your account will be temporarily suspended.  In order to reactivate your account, visit the WR Content Portal and the site will ask that you validate your email address.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.


The Wainhouse Research staff works hard to provide straight-shooting, honest analysis and opinions in all subscription content. In addition, subscription content pieces are non-vendor sponsored, thus allowing WR analysts to be totally objective at all times.

WR's subscription content provides insightful and critical coverage of a variety of topics, and is available exclusively to content subscribers.

  • For basic information about our industry, our FREE content will suffice.
  • For in-depth coverage of the conferencing, collaboration, and UC space including market size information, market forecasts, product / service comparisons, profiles of key companies, etc., you need our subscription content.

WR publishes a wide range of content items including:

Content Type Description Availability
White Papers Insightful, educational documents focused on a spcific topic Public or Subscription *
WR Bulletins The industry's leading newsletter focused on rich media conferencing and unified communications. Public
WR Blogs Short, insightful snippets covering topics of interest Public or subscription *
Market Size & Forecasts Provides current market status and 5-year forecast for a specific market segment Subscription
Market Data / SpotCheck Quarterly reports providing detailed market data (units, revenue, market share, regional info, etc.). Subscription
Comparison Matrices Comparison documents that compare / contrast the features of specific products and services Subscription
Research Notes Timely, insightful notes focused on specific topics Subscription
Company Profiles In-depth coverage of specific vendors Subscription
Survey Reports Report providing the findings of WR's primary research Subscription
Market Segment Overviews Top-level coverage of a specific market segment or area Subscription
Rich Media Content Video / audio clips covering a pertinent area of the conferencing space Subscription
Segment Reports Detailed report covering a specific topic of interest Subscription

* Access depends on the specific content item.

The WR content website allows all site visitors to see exactly which content items have been published in each subscription area.  For additional information about specific areas of existing or planned coverage, please contact [email protected].

Data is collected from a variety of public and non-public sources including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Service providers
  • Channel partners
  • End-user customers
  • Other trusted sources as appropriate

There are certain data-driven reports that are updated on a regular basis.  This specifically includes:

  • SpotCheck (quarterly releases)
  • Market forecasts (typically updated annually)
  • Surveys (typically updated annually)

Other documents (e.g. research notes, comparison matrices, company profiles, evaluation documents, etc.) are updated as the situation warrants.  For example, company profiles may be updated based on major announcements or changes at the subject company.


This site includes a wide range of public content items including:

  • The WR Bulletin (released ~ 20 times / year)
  • Industry news
  • White papers (majority are available free)
  • Blog entries (majority are available free)
  • Event information


The green checkmarks (
) indicate that you have access to that particular content item. Some items are available to all website visitors, while others are available only to WR Content Subscribers.  WR content subscribers will need to register and log in to gain access to the subscription content.

For more information or to gain access to WR's subscription content, please contact [email protected]

Yes - please submit your content requests via email to [email protected] Although we will do our best to accommodate, we cannot guarantee that every content request will be fulfilled.

WR currently offers the following content subscriptions:

Videoconferencing Products & Services (GVC)

  • Single-codec (group) video conferencing systems
  • Multi-codec (immersive telepresence) video conferencing systems
  • Personal video conferencing appliances including executive systems and videophones
  • Software-based PC and mobile (tablet, smartphone) video conferencing solutions
  • Video conferencing infrastructure solutions (MCUs / bridges, gatekeepers, management systems, recording servers)
  • Video conferencing managed services
  • Video conferencing calling services
  • Video bridging services

Personal & Web-based Collaboration Products & Services (PWC)

  • Desktop / webcam (increasingly HD-quality) videoconferencing
  • Web-based data sharing and collaboration
  • Internet-based VoIP and/or integration with PSTN audio conferencing

Audio Conferencing Products and Services (AC)

  • Hosted audio bridging services (CSPs)
  • Audio conferencing bridges / media servers for service providers & enterprises

Unified Communications Products & Services (UC)

  • Hosted and managed unified communications services
  • Premise-based unified communications products

Streaming & Webcasting Products and Services (SWC)

  • Enterprise streaming products and services
  • Webcasting services
  • Support and bundled services

Distance Education and e-Learning Solutions (EDU)

  • Application of the above technologies to educational & e-Learning environments
  • The intersection of Learning Management Systems with real-time technologies
  • Additional specialized products including lecture capture & interactive whiteboards

End-User Subscription

  • Available exclusively to conferencing / collaboration end-user organizations
  • Includes company profiles, comparison matrices, research notes, and other content from other WR content subscriptions
  • Designed to help enterprise organization understand the market and select vendors / services / solutions
  • Does not include market size and forecast reports

The cost of a WR subscription depends on the following:

  • Which subscription
  • Your company's type (e.g. manufacturer, service provider, integrator, financial institution, end-user, etc.)
  • Your company's size

WR subscriptions are heavily discounted content bundles.  In fact, subscriptions start at only US $1,200 for small companies.
For more information, please contact [email protected].

Approximately 15 - 30 content items are added to each subscription each year.  Content subscribers also enjoy exclusive access to the content archives for that subscription.

WR strives to covers a combination of the leading players and those that WR considers market disruptors in each market space.

WR subscription content is available only to WR content subscribers.  This exclusive content access is a benefit we offer our paying content subscribers.  Therefore, if you are not a content subscriber, you would not have access to any WR subscription content items - including those that may cover or reference your company and/or offerings.

WR subscriptions are available on a company-wide basis.  For example, when company X subscribes to a subscription, all of its employees immediately gain access to all of the content within that subscription.

WR content subscriptions are sold on a rolling twelve (12) month basis.  For example, if your company subscribes on 17 June 2013, your subscription would expire at the end of the day on 16 June 2014.

Subscription orders may only be cancelled before the first piece of subscription content has been downloaded.  Note that subscription cancelations are subject to a cancelation fee of up to 20% of the subscription price.

Wainhouse Research (WR) subscription content is available exclusively to employees within subscribing companies. 

The following acts are strictly prohibited:

  • The distribution or transmittal of WR subscription content to others outside your immediate organization including partners, resellers, consultants, etc. in any media format
  • The reproduction of any WR subscription content item, or any portions of any content item, without the expressed written pre-approval of Wainhouse Research
  • The posting of WR subscription content, or any portions thereof, on any web site or portal which is accessible to others outside of your immediate organization
  • The sale or resale of WR subscription content without a written distribution agreement from WR.


All WR content, including both subscription content and publicly available content, are protected by United States copyright laws and international treaties.

Note to Subscribers:

If you have a specific situation in which you'd like to incorporate WR subscription content, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  1. The name of the WR subscription content item you'd like to reference (e.g. Conferencing Service Provider Statistics - Q2 2013)
  2. The item(s) you'd like to reference / use from the document (e.g. the chart at Figure 13 on page 9)
  3. The intended use of the information (e.g. posting on our website in the Market Data section, sharing data with channel partners, etc.)


Upon receipt of a content release request, WR will review the information and respond shortly.