Corporate Learning with Slack

The WR Collaborative Learning Model and Slack's Best Practices

Collaborative learning offers organizations many benefits – higher employee engagement and improved knowledge sharing leading to a more agile organization. However, most companies take an opportunistic approach using channels or groups when conditions, e.g., an enthusiastic instructor or a tight-knit team, are favorable. Other companies that take a more consistent approach, however, see greater benefit across the foundational use cases: Collaborative Formal Learning, Communities of Practice, and Process Channels. They also enjoy a more effective company-wide Corporate Learning Network.

We spoke with Ariel Hunsberger, Head of Learning and Development at Slack Technologies, and she described to us how her organization uses its popular collaboration platform, Slack, for learning. We use some of the examples and best practices she shared to illustrate the Wainhouse Research Collaborative Learning Model.

Included are charts describing the WR Collaborative Learning Model and use cases, and five best practices that will help an organization not only improve its learning programs but also its collaboration initiatives.

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13 Jun 2018
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