2018 Standards-centric Group Video Conferencing Endpoints WW Market Sizing & 5-Year Forecast

Using data collected from the major industry suppliers in aggregate, this annual study sizes the worldwide market for standards-centric video conferencing group endpoints.  Year-over-year detail (CY2017 vs CY2016) for multi-codec, single-codec, and Executive endpoints is presented, further broken down by the four major worldwide geographies. A five-year forecast is then derived off the base-year sizing.

Sizing highlights show that, while 12% more units were purchased in 2017, revenue declined slightly to about $1.76B USD worldwide.  Single-codec systems represent about 92% of total revenue, and Asia Pacific is the largest geography with 44% of total revenue.  Our forecast calls for unit shipments to increase at 2.0% CAGR, with revenues declining at -4.9% CAGR due to declining ASPs and shifts in overall product mix.  

Table of Contents

  • Overview
    • Market Segments
    • Methodology
    • Year-over-year Performance (CY 2017 vs. CY 2016)
    • Market Sizing and Forecast Summary
  • Detail by Product Segment
    • Multi-Codec Systems
    • Single-Codec Systems
    • Executive Systems
  • 5-Year Forecast by Product Segment
  • 5-Year Forecast by Region
    • North America
    • EMEA
    • APAC
    • LATAM
No. of Pages: 
10 Apr 2018
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