Telepresence 2009 - Part 1: Usage Report

This report provides analysis and insight into the usage patterns of ~ 350 telepresence systems deployed within dozens of enterprise organizations.

Telepresence has changed the landscape for many users of videoconferencing. Along with their high price and high visibility come extremely high user expectations. These multi-codec systems that can deliver a sense of “presence” are expected to deliver high quality, highly reliable meeting experiences, and ultimately are expected to be used frequently enough to justify their existence.

In the spring of 2009, Wainhouse Research approached a number of managed service providers involved in the support of videoconferencing systems in hopes of obtaining usage statistics for the “telepresence” systems under their management. Five service providers ultimately provided WR with system-by-system monthly usage statistics for the period between Jan-2008 and March-2009. Given the embryonic nature of the telepresence services market and the small size of the telepresence installed base, not all of the participating service providers had systems under management for the entire time period. Several of the service providers gave us data for ALL their systems, but some for only a representative sample in order to preserve the confidentiality of their business size.

This report provides analysis and insight into the following areas:

a) the usage patterns of ~ 350 telepresence systems in use by dozens of enterprises across numerous vertical markets
b) a comparison of the usage of a typical telepresence system to that of a traditional videoconferencing system

For those seeking to justify a pending (or even a prior) investment in telepresence, this report is a must read.

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1 May 2009
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