William A. Haskins

Senior Analyst & Partner

Bill's primary focus at Wainhouse Research is on Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions, market trends, and industry players. Bill has over 15 years of experience supporting, delivering, and evolving converged collaboration services within a global communications company. Bill has directed operational, product, and IT teams responsible for delivering hosted audio, video and web conferencing services, including network, telephony, video, email, and enterprise UC solutions.  In these capacities, Bill has developed an expansive working knowledge of core UCC solutions, technologies, and best practices, while supporting strategic relationships with multiple fortune 500 enterprises.

Bill publishes yearly market forecasts, enterprise survey results, and a range of research notes covering the UC&C waterfront. Bill is called on regularly to consult with vendors, service providers, and IT decision makers, delivering executive briefings, keynote presentations, webinars, and providing guidance on UC&C strategies.  Bill holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Colorado, and an MBA from Colorado State University.


For end users, Bill offers needs and requirement analysis, process and functional evaluation, application and integration discovery, Total Cost of Ownership analysis, hosted and dedication vendor recommendations, and resulting strategic implementation consultation.

For vendors and service providers, Bill offers market analysis and research, core competency analysis, roadmap consultation, update and creation, business case development and implementation, product rollout and implementation project plan creation, and multi-dimensional success monitoring and feedback.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 720 336 4966
Email: [email protected]

Follow Bill on Twitter: @WHaskins


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