Marc F. Beattie

Senior Analyst & Partner

Marc is a Senior Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research. His area of expertise is cloud-based unified communication and conferencing services at worldwide Telcos and communication service providers.  He is the principle author of more than 12 market research studies annually, has local market knowledge in more than 20 geographic markets, and briefs with over 90 service providers and technology vendors annually. He has authored public and private reports on product strategies, distribution structures, emerging technologies, and industry applications.  To the financial community, he has provided market and company due diligence on many of the major investments and acquisitions within unified communications and conferencing over the last 15 years. He is a featured speaker and moderator at industry conferences and private company events - specializing on the future impact of current technology developments. He regularly consults with end users, established vendors, emerging companies, and the financial community.

Prior to co-founding Wainhouse Research, Marc was an early member of PictureTel and Polycom - holding positions as market analyst, product management, sales management, and business development - spending 13 years working within the industry.

Contact Info:
Phone: +1 781 312 6015
Email: [email protected]

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