Alan D. Greenberg

Senior Analyst & Partner

Alan is an expert on collaborative educational technologies, distance education, and e-Learning, co-leads the Wainhouse Research Learning, Talent and Education (LTE) subscription, and contributes to the WR Personal and Web Conferencing, Streaming, and Group Videoconferencing subscription services.  He also covers mobile conferencing and the suite of unified communications technologies as they are applied for education and learning. He has more than 25 years experience as consultant, analyst, communicator, and strategist, and has significant experience helping start-ups launch their products, and larger vendors devise new products and services.  He is author of numerous reports, surveys, forecasts, research notes, and profiles related to distance education and e-Learning, Learning Management Systems and Learning Relationship Management, ideation / brainstorming technologies, mobile video, virtual worlds, web conferencing, interactive whiteboards, and lecture capture.  He also contributes to the Wainhouse Research Blog.

Alan has keynoted or presented at dozens of Wainhouse Research, USDLA, statewide distance educational association, ISTE, Online Educa, ED‑NET, Blackboard World, ATD, and other educational and training events and conferences. He specializes in primary end user research, and is a Burke Institute-trained focus group moderator and interviewer. 

Alan joined Wainhouse Research in January 2003 after stints from 1987-1994 and 1998-2002 in his own consulting practice.  Prior to joining Wainhouse Research he held marketing positions with Texas Instruments, VTEL, and several Austin, Texas-based start-ups. He holds an M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.A. from Hampshire College, Amherst MA.


For vendors, service providers, venture capitalists, and resellers, Alan offers product & market validation, product positioning, forecasting, thought leadership, brand strategies, and end user research such as online or brick-and-mortar focus groups, executive interviews, and online research.

For end user organizations, Alan draws on years of experience helping universities, statewide networks, and training organizations implement new technologies and programs to support adoption, drawing on his extensive knowledge of the collaboration and distance education / training user and vendor communities.
Contact Info
Phone: +1 512 481 7691
Email: [email protected]

Follow Alan on Twitter: @AlanGatWR

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