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Frequently Asked Questions - Subscription Related

WR currently offers the following content subscriptions:

Videoconferencing Products & Services (GVC)

  • Single-codec (group) video conferencing systems
  • Multi-codec (immersive telepresence) video conferencing systems
  • Personal video conferencing appliances including executive systems and videophones
  • Software-based PC and mobile (tablet, smartphone) video conferencing solutions
  • Video conferencing infrastructure solutions (MCUs / bridges, gatekeepers, management systems, recording servers)
  • Video conferencing managed services
  • Video conferencing calling services
  • Video bridging services

Personal & Web-based Collaboration Products & Services (PWC)

  • Desktop / webcam (increasingly HD-quality) videoconferencing
  • Web-based data sharing and collaboration
  • Internet-based VoIP and/or integration with PSTN audio conferencing

Audio Conferencing Products and Services (AC)

  • Hosted audio bridging services (CSPs)
  • Audio conferencing bridges / media servers for service providers & enterprises

Unified Communications Products & Services (UC)

  • Hosted and managed unified communications services
  • Premise-based unified communications products

Streaming & Webcasting Products and Services (SWC)

  • Enterprise streaming products and services
  • Webcasting services
  • Support and bundled services

Distance Education and e-Learning Solutions (EDU)

  • Application of the above technologies to educational & e-Learning environments
  • The intersection of Learning Management Systems with real-time technologies
  • Additional specialized products including lecture capture & interactive whiteboards

End-User Subscription

  • Available exclusively to conferencing / collaboration end-user organizations
  • Includes company profiles, comparison matrices, research notes, and other content from other WR content subscriptions
  • Designed to help enterprise organization understand the market and select vendors / services / solutions
  • Does not include market size and forecast reports

The cost of a WR subscription depends on the following:

  • Which subscription
  • Your company's type (e.g. manufacturer, service provider, integrator, financial institution, end-user, etc.)
  • Your company's size

WR subscriptions are heavily discounted content bundles.  In fact, subscriptions start at only US $1,200 for small companies.
For more information, please contact [email protected].

Approximately 15 - 30 content items are added to each subscription each year.  Content subscribers also enjoy exclusive access to the content archives for that subscription.

WR strives to covers a combination of the leading players and those that WR considers market disruptors in each market space.

WR subscription content is available only to WR content subscribers.  This exclusive content access is a benefit we offer our paying content subscribers.  Therefore, if you are not a content subscriber, you would not have access to any WR subscription content items - including those that may cover or reference your company and/or offerings.

WR subscriptions are available on a company-wide basis.  For example, when company X subscribes to a subscription, all of its employees immediately gain access to all of the content within that subscription.

WR content subscriptions are sold on a rolling twelve (12) month basis.  For example, if your company subscribes on 17 June 2013, your subscription would expire at the end of the day on 16 June 2014.

Subscription orders may only be cancelled before the first piece of subscription content has been downloaded.  Note that subscription cancelations are subject to a cancelation fee of up to 20% of the subscription price.

Wainhouse Research (WR) subscription content is available exclusively to employees within subscribing companies. 

The following acts are strictly prohibited:

  • The distribution or transmittal of WR subscription content to others outside your immediate organization including partners, resellers, consultants, etc. in any media format
  • The reproduction of any WR subscription content item, or any portions of any content item, without the expressed written pre-approval of Wainhouse Research
  • The posting of WR subscription content, or any portions thereof, on any web site or portal which is accessible to others outside of your immediate organization
  • The sale or resale of WR subscription content without a written distribution agreement from WR.


All WR content, including both subscription content and publicly available content, are protected by United States copyright laws and international treaties.

Note to Subscribers:

If you have a specific situation in which you'd like to incorporate WR subscription content, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  1. The name of the WR subscription content item you'd like to reference (e.g. Conferencing Service Provider Statistics - Q2 2013)
  2. The item(s) you'd like to reference / use from the document (e.g. the chart at Figure 13 on page 9)
  3. The intended use of the information (e.g. posting on our website in the Market Data section, sharing data with channel partners, etc.)


Upon receipt of a content release request, WR will review the information and respond shortly.