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Frequently Asked Questions - Content Related

The Wainhouse Research staff works hard to provide straight-shooting, honest analysis and opinions in all subscription content. In addition, subscription content pieces are non-vendor sponsored, thus allowing WR analysts to be totally objective at all times.

WR's subscription content provides insightful and critical coverage of a variety of topics, and is available exclusively to content subscribers.

  • For basic information about our industry, our FREE content will suffice.
  • For in-depth coverage of the conferencing, collaboration, and UC space including market size information, market forecasts, product / service comparisons, profiles of key companies, etc., you need our subscription content.

WR publishes a wide range of content items including:

Content Type Description Availability
White Papers Insightful, educational documents focused on a spcific topic Public or Subscription *
WR Bulletins The industry's leading newsletter focused on rich media conferencing and unified communications. Public
WR Blogs Short, insightful snippets covering topics of interest Public or subscription *
Market Size & Forecasts Provides current market status and 5-year forecast for a specific market segment Subscription
Market Data / SpotCheck Quarterly reports providing detailed market data (units, revenue, market share, regional info, etc.). Subscription
Comparison Matrices Comparison documents that compare / contrast the features of specific products and services Subscription
Research Notes Timely, insightful notes focused on specific topics Subscription
Company Profiles In-depth coverage of specific vendors Subscription
Survey Reports Report providing the findings of WR's primary research Subscription
Market Segment Overviews Top-level coverage of a specific market segment or area Subscription
Rich Media Content Video / audio clips covering a pertinent area of the conferencing space Subscription
Segment Reports Detailed report covering a specific topic of interest Subscription

* Access depends on the specific content item.

The WR content website allows all site visitors to see exactly which content items have been published in each subscription area.  For additional information about specific areas of existing or planned coverage, please contact [email protected].

Data is collected from a variety of public and non-public sources including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Service providers
  • Channel partners
  • End-user customers
  • Other trusted sources as appropriate

There are certain data-driven reports that are updated on a regular basis.  This specifically includes:

  • SpotCheck (quarterly releases)
  • Market forecasts (typically updated annually)
  • Surveys (typically updated annually)

Other documents (e.g. research notes, comparison matrices, company profiles, evaluation documents, etc.) are updated as the situation warrants.  For example, company profiles may be updated based on major announcements or changes at the subject company.


This site includes a wide range of public content items including:

  • The WR Bulletin (released ~ 20 times / year)
  • Industry news
  • White papers (majority are available free)
  • Blog entries (majority are available free)
  • Event information


The green checkmarks (
) indicate that you have access to that particular content item. Some items are available to all website visitors, while others are available only to WR Content Subscribers.  WR content subscribers will need to register and log in to gain access to the subscription content.

For more information or to gain access to WR's subscription content, please contact [email protected]

Yes - please submit your content requests via email to [email protected] Although we will do our best to accommodate, we cannot guarantee that every content request will be fulfilled.