Do You Know Your Modern Learners?

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Webinar / Online Event
Event Start: 
21 Jun 2018 - 14:00
Event End: 
21 Jun 2018 - 14:30
Event Type: Webinar / Online Event

There is no shortage of modern learning technologies or approaches. The question is, with limited time and budget, how do you prioritize which technologies to incorporate and into which programs?

To better understand the Modern Learner, Wainhouse Research surveyed 2,004 workers across a variety of industries about how they prefer to learn. The differences across job roles are informative and at times surprising. For example, Executives like traditional coaching and mentoring less than other groups but are the most open to learning via collaborative workspaces – in fact, twice as likely as Customer Support Representatives. Perhaps less surprising is that Engineers show a strong preference for on-demand modes and also are less interested in coaching and mentoring.

Register today for this fast paced, 30-minute webinar, and get to know your modern learners better. Corporate Learning Analyst Charles DeNault will focus on how those in executive, sales, and technology-focused roles such as IT and engineering prefer to learn, and from that data, discuss how you can modernize your leadership development, sales, and technology training programs.

Presenter: Charles DeNault, Sr. Analyst, Wainhouse Research

Event Start: 21 Jun 2018 - 14:00 ET Event End: 21 Jun 2018 - 14:30 ET Link for registration: CLICK HERE for details and registration