Zoom for Learning, Talent and Education

Description and analysis of Zoom offerings and positioning in education and training markets

Zoom provides a cloud-based service that unifies video conferencing, online meetings, group messaging, presentation, and collaboration tools on a variety of personal devices.  The company is gaining significant traction in education and some traction in training markets, claiming more than 5,900 educational customers and 90% of the top U.S. universities as customers.  Its growth in education is based on a combination of multiple factors, no one of which by itself would account for its current market penetration. But which combined have led to strong market penetration.  The simplicity of its go-to-market strategy, its ease-of-use and reliability, and its scalability are making it especially appealing to educational organizations.  With a few added touches it might make a strong play for corporate learning as well.

This profile updates a previous 2015 profile, describing its offerings, new capabilities and pricing adjustments made since 2015, and the factors that are leading it to be a platform of choice for increasing numbers of educational and training organizations.

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27 Apr 2017
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