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What Every Business / Line Manager Needs to Know About Desktop Videoconferencing
This white paper, sponsored by Avistar, provides insight into the benefits of desktop videoconferencing for business / line managers.
Posted: 1 Oct 2009 --- Content Type: White Papers
Mapping the Latest Research into Video-Based Distance Education - The 2009 Updated, Expanded Analysis
This white paper, sponsored by Polycom, focuses on the state of research as of 2009 into the impact of video technologies on distance education.
Posted: 1 Sep 2009 --- Content Type: White Papers
The 2009 Update: Taking the Wraps off Videoconferencing in the U.S. Classroom: A National and State-by-State
A National and State-by-State Analysis
Posted: 1 Apr 2009 --- Content Type: White Papers
Ease of Use in Web Conferencing – Why it Matters
The Cost Benefits Of Making Usability a Priority
Posted: 20 Feb 2009 --- Content Type: White Papers
Telepresence on a Budget
Posted: 14 May 2008 --- Content Type: White Papers
Keys to Successful 1:1 and BYOD Implementations in Education
Considerations and Challenges when Digitally Enabling Teachers and Learners in Primary / Secondary Education