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Which WR content subscriptions are available?

WR currently offers the following content subscriptions:

Videoconferencing Products & Services (GVC)

  • Single-codec (group) video conferencing systems
  • Multi-codec (immersive telepresence) video conferencing systems
  • Personal video conferencing appliances including executive systems and videophones
  • Software-based PC and mobile (tablet, smartphone) video conferencing solutions
  • Video conferencing infrastructure solutions (MCUs / bridges, gatekeepers, management systems, recording servers)
  • Video conferencing managed services
  • Video conferencing calling services
  • Video bridging services

Personal & Web-based Collaboration Products & Services (PWC)

  • Desktop / webcam (increasingly HD-quality) videoconferencing
  • Web-based data sharing and collaboration
  • Internet-based VoIP and/or integration with PSTN audio conferencing

Audio Conferencing Products and Services (AC)

  • Hosted audio bridging services (CSPs)
  • Audio conferencing bridges / media servers for service providers & enterprises

Unified Communications Products & Services (UC)

  • Hosted and managed unified communications services
  • Premise-based unified communications products

Streaming & Webcasting Products and Services (SWC)

  • Enterprise streaming products and services
  • Webcasting services
  • Support and bundled services

Distance Education and e-Learning Solutions (EDU)

  • Application of the above technologies to educational & e-Learning environments
  • The intersection of Learning Management Systems with real-time technologies
  • Additional specialized products including lecture capture & interactive whiteboards

End-User Subscription

  • Available exclusively to conferencing / collaboration end-user organizations
  • Includes company profiles, comparison matrices, research notes, and other content from other WR content subscriptions
  • Designed to help enterprise organization understand the market and select vendors / services / solutions
  • Does not include market size and forecast reports