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What are the subscription terms and conditions (T&Cs)?

Wainhouse Research (WR) subscription content is available exclusively to employees within subscribing companies. 

The following acts are strictly prohibited:

  • The distribution or transmittal of WR subscription content to others outside your immediate organization including partners, resellers, consultants, etc. in any media format
  • The reproduction of any WR subscription content item, or any portions of any content item, without the expressed written pre-approval of Wainhouse Research
  • The posting of WR subscription content, or any portions thereof, on any web site or portal which is accessible to others outside of your immediate organization
  • The sale or resale of WR subscription content without a written distribution agreement from WR.


All WR content, including both subscription content and publicly available content, are protected by United States copyright laws and international treaties.

Note to Subscribers:

If you have a specific situation in which you'd like to incorporate WR subscription content, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  1. The name of the WR subscription content item you'd like to reference (e.g. Conferencing Service Provider Statistics - Q2 2013)
  2. The item(s) you'd like to reference / use from the document (e.g. the chart at Figure 13 on page 9)
  3. The intended use of the information (e.g. posting on our website in the Market Data section, sharing data with channel partners, etc.)


Upon receipt of a content release request, WR will review the information and respond shortly.