Profile of a Scalable Video Coding pioneer finding success by varying its lines of business

In the past three years Vidyo has undergone a major transformation, bringing on many new senior managers and executing on what has become its new focus: 1) two new Vidyo-branded cloud services and 2) leveraging its experience with software toolkits and APIs to close deals with OEMs and web developers in medical, financial, “collaboration,” and retail applications.  These areas of focus are where the company believes its inherent technology (scalable video coding, media routing vs. transcoding, embedded video, mobile expertise) has significant advantages and where the traditional AV / VC integrators are less crucial for success.

This profile is updated with a discussion of management in transition, as well as how the company is using VidyoCloud, VidyoConnect, VidyoEngage, and to tackle multiple, sometimes overlapping markets.  By playing in so many areas, the company sometimes may appear to have an identity crisis. It may not always be obvious what it’s about, as it sometimes leaves the erroneous impression it lacks momentum.  It does not.

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2 Jul 2018
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