Video Sprawl Behind the Corporate Firewall

Why - and How - Enterprises are Embracing Streaming to Enhance Business Communications

Amidst a steady drumbeat of change in enterprise communications, technologies that enable one-to-many online video applications distributed behind the corporate firewall are carving out their own role as solutions critical to fostering day-to-day business activities. Once considered a novelty perhaps useful in customer-facing events such as high-profile product launches and lead-generation webinars, streaming is emerging as a technology workhorse enabling a new breed of business communications behind the corporate firewall and enhancing how executives disseminate information to their teams.

In this white paper, sponsored by Ramp, WR will shine a spotlight on key issues that executives should consider as they forge a suitable infrastructure for supporting the adoption of online video as a commonplace business communications tool for everyone in their organization.

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14 Feb 2018