Video Conferencing Usage Trends

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Wainhouse Research conducted a survey on the use of a wide range of video conferencing and unified communications applications.  Participants were recruited randomly from a managed survey sample panel obtained from a third party. The first report covering this survey focused on video-enabled conference rooms. This survey report focuses on quantifying the use of video conferencing.

Key conclusions and findings include:

  • Evidence suggests that use of video conferencing since Y2015 is between "flat" and up marginally.  In several instances the number of survey respondents claiming they "never" user video conferencing has dropped.
  • People in IT departments appear to use video conferencing more than those in lines of business.
  • Top executives and HR professionals appear to have the highest usage rates for both personal and group videoconferencing.
  • Usage does not appear to vary by company size except that usage is very low for companies with fewer than 250 employees.
  • Usage of video conferencing increases sharply as employee age decreases, perhaps one of the most promising factors for the industry's future.
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11 Apr 2016
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