Video Conferencing Industry Statistics (SpotCheck): The Big Five - Q4 2016

Quarterly report providing statistics on video conferencing sales revenue, units, and market share for group endpoints and infrastructure for the Big Five vendors

Our data shows these vendors have consistently represented ~90% of the worldwide market for video conferencing equipment.  This report also includes a summary for the year 2016.

  • Q4 is typically one with very strong seasonality, but in Y2016 this appears to NOT be the case, other than for Huawei, which reported more than 60% Q/Q growth in total video revenues.  The growth rate is noteworthy for several reasons, including Huawei is already a significant player (#2) in the worldwide market; and the company's revenues are almost zero in North America.
  • The single codec market segment continues to be the growth driver.  This is likely to prove a stronger driver for VCaaS growth than for CPE infrastructure growth.
  • Based on annual data, the overall market (endpoints + infrastructure) is best described as flat, with both ups and downs.  Market size for the Big Five has grown from $2.35B in Y2012 to just $2.45B in Y2016 with three of the four annual growth figures in the red.
  • Growth in PC-based systems was very strong.

This document includes ...

  • Executive summary  
  • Detailed Summary of Recent Quarter
  • Market shares of the Big Five by product and region
  • Product revenue history (adjusted)
  • Regional revenue history (adjusted)
  • Estimates of video-enabled conference rooms for the quarter
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31 Mar 2017
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