Video Conferencing Industry Statistics (SpotCheck): The Big Five - Q1 2017

Quarterly report providing statistics on video conferencing sales revenue, units, and market share for group endpoints and infrastructure for the Big Five vendors

Our data shows these vendors have consistently represented ~90% of the worldwide market for video conferencing equipment.

  • Q1 is typically a sharp drop off from the prior quarter, and for Q1-2017 the drop off was particularly sharp (even with a weak prior quarter).  The China-based vendors were particularly weak this quarter (table 11).  Hence Cisco and Polycom gained market share on a worldwide basis.
  • Of the five vendors, Polycom is the only one to report positive sequential growth in endpoint sales.  This was driven by a significant jump in single codec unit shipments, particularly in North America.
  • While negative sequential growth rates are common in the first quarter of any year.  This year there is also a predominance of negative year-over-year growth as well.
  • Infrastructure sales returned to negative growth.

This document includes ...

  • Executive summary  
  • Detailed Summary of Recent Quarter
  • Market shares of the Big Five by product and region
  • Product revenue history
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9 Jun 2017
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