Video Conferencing-enabled Rooms

Snapshots of deployment trends based on survey data

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Wainhouse Research conducted a survey on the use of a wide range of video conferencing and unified communications applications.   Participants were recruited randomly from a managed survey sample panel obtained from a third party.  The survey group was managed such that representation was divided equally between large (more than 2,500 employees), mid-sized (250 to 2,500 employees) and small (less than 250 employees) organizations.  Slightly more than 90% of the 1512 responses were from individuals who worked for companies headquartered in North America.

The data in this research note provides snapshots of deployment trends for video conferencing equipment in specific market segments. While this data is not suitable for developing a comprehensive census of overall video conferencing system deployments, it does provide insight through relative comparisons of video conferencing adoption seen in specific survey audience segments. 

Key conclusions and findings include:

  • We estimate the installed base of room video conferencing systems in North America to be approximately 450,000 based on data from two different sources.
  • The installed base has not changed materially between 2014 and 2015.
  • The number of room video conferencing systems deployed increases with company size and with conference room size.
  • Survey respondents appear to be good estimators of the number of video systems deployed and poor estimators of the per cent of conference rooms that have video.Of the more than 2500 responses over two surveys, approximately 8-10% of the survey participants estimate that 100% of their conference rooms are video-enabled.
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3 Mar 2016
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