Video Conferencing and AV Managed Services

An IT-Manager's Guide to Making Educated Decisions

Managed services are not new.  In fact, providers have been offering managed services – in one form or another in various industries – for more than 25 years.  And for good reason ... managed services offer key benefits for customers and providers alike.

Despite their market tenure, managed services are commonly misunderstood by providers, prospects, and even customers.  The chart below highlights just some of the elements that industry participants often associate with video conferencing and AV managed service offerings.  From on-site staffing to account reviews to end-user training, managed services have become a catch-all for almost any support item.

This study, sponsored by AVI-SPL, provides information and insight into Video Conferencing and AV Managed Services including:

  • WR's definition of a VC / AV Managed Service
  • Minimal requirements to be considered a managed service
  • The role of on-site support
  • Longstanding myths about VC and AV managed services
  • The two basic types of VC / AV managed service providers
  • The state of the VC and AV managed service markets
  • How to choose the right managed service provider
  • And more
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5 Sep 2017