Video Conferencing Adoption Trends

Survey Results Suggest that Adoption of Group Video Conferencing is Widespread but not Quite Ubiquitous

Availability of group video conferencing solutions is widespread, but only three in 10 organizations represented in a fourth Quarter 2017 survey of 2,004 end users fielded by Wainhouse Research report that they have five or more rooms equipped with video conferencing solutions. In this report, WR quantifies group video conferencing implementation by both company size and industry vertical. In addition, the report quantifies the extent to which those organizations that are using video conferencing solutions are making live video conferences accessible via personal computers and enabling the development of archived content captured from video conferencing systems. Survey results also measure the level of interest that end users have in expanding their frequency of participation in live video conferences via PC and the extent to which they are already increasing their use of video conferencing for collaborative meetings with customers and partners external to their organization.

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29 Sep 2018
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