VCaaS by the Numbers

While we’ve been tracking the group video conferencing hardware market for more than 15 years, growth has slowed noticeably in recent times, with current revenue and unit shipment growth figures in the single digits.  But anecdotal evidence from surveys and interviews of IT decision makers and line-of-business managers suggests that USAGE of video conferencing is growing even if equipment sales are sluggish.  The growth is largely in the use of personal video conferencing solutions, a development that is hard to track quantitatively for multiple reasons.  Nevertheless, we reached out to multiple VCaaS vendors and gathered data under NDA.  Our results do NOT pretend to measure the size of the VCaaS market, but rather to document the growth rates (measured in minutes of usage) for the ten vendors who provided us data.  We noted as well that the growth rates of the larger vendors exceed those of the smaller.

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4 Mar 2017
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