Usage and Perceptions of VCaaS

Survey Results Shine a Spotlight on End-User Access to - and Perceptions of - Hosted Video Conferencing Services

A WR survey of 2,004 end-users conducted in the fourth quarter of 2017 yields data that quantifies the extent to which end users can access video conferencing-as-a-service solutions via licenses acquired by their organization. Survey results also tally the proportion of end users who have attended meetings as invitees to VCaaS meetings provisioned on platforms supplied by other organizations.

More than half of end-users represented in the survey report having access to VCaaS solutions in some manner during the prior year. The report segments access trends by company size, industry segment and industry vertical. It also gauges relative interest levels among end users in accessing VCaaS meetings on platforms supplied by outside organizations, segmenting results by age, executive title and functional role to identify groups demonstrating the highest propensity for adopting VCaaS solutions. Also addressed in the report are end-user outlooks regarding the expanded use of video in an organization, with results segmented based on respondents’ current access to VCaaS solutions.

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30 Jun 2018
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