Understanding the Huddle Room

Maximizing the Value of these Underutilized Spaces

For 15+ years, Wainhouse Research (WR) has provided strategic advisory and consulting services to large and small enterprises around the world.  While each project has a different scope and ultimate goal, we have noted several themes that are common across many of our end-user customers.  One of the most apparent themes is a layer of confusion around the strategic importance and value of the smaller meeting rooms (a.k.a. “huddle rooms”) within the customer’s environment.

WR believes that huddle rooms should be an integral part of every organizations meeting room and collaboration strategy for several reasons including:

  • the addition of millennials to the work environment
  • the enhanced interest (and in some cases use) of open work spaces and telecommuting
  • the increased need to support large numbers of collaborative and distributed work teams

But most companies remain stymied about how to deal with these spaces. 

This study, sponsored by Polycom, is intended to raise awareness of the value and importance of these misunderstood, mismanaged, and often under-appreciated meeting spaces.

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2 Oct 2015