UC&C Analytics Product Overview: Dimension Data Collaboration Analytics

An overview and analysis of DiData’s Collaboration Analytics product offering

The terms data and analytics have become especially hot in the unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) industry over the last two to three years. The addition of application programming interfaces (API) across communications and line-of-business (LOB) applications, improvements in data storage and visualization technologies, machine learning advancements, and new open-source artificial intelligence (AI) libraries have given rise to a new breed of UC&C analytics solutions.  DiData exemplifies this new breed of solutions with their recently introduced Collaboration Analytics engine.  The product, launching fully this summer, is segmented into four primary areas of functionality, supporting conferencing, mobility, voice and video, and messaging solutions. Within each feature segment, data is gathered from a defined group of vendors and services.

This report provides an overview of Dimension Data’s Collaboration Analytics product, pricing, functionality and user experience and is one in a series of reports covering the vendors and service providers who are furthest along in delivering UC&C analytics products.

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6 Jul 2017
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