UC&C Analytics Overview

A detailed overview of the UC&C Analytics framework

The terms Data and Analytics have become especially hot in the UC&C industry over the last 2 to 3 years. The addition of APIs across communications and line-of-business (LOB) applications, improvements in data storage and visualization technologies, machine learning advancements, and new open-source artificial intelligence (AI) libraries have given rise to a new breed of UC&C Analytics solutions. As a result, communications data has become more valuable, delivering operational insights, supporting strategic organizational decisions, and driving automation across systems, process, and workflow.

However, the average enterprise is still fairly tactical in their use of analytics-based services – leveraging UC&C data primarily for troubleshooting and operational support. Many have a complex environment of disconnected systems, each gathering independent islands of information. This research note details the UC&C Analytics ecosystem, from a foundation of data, to the peak of automation, including:

  • Data Sources – direct and peripheral sources the enterprise should consider
  • Reporting and visualization services
  • Integration across sources
  • Intelligence – including human domain expertise and machine
  • Automation

This note delivers a holistic view of the UC&C analytics ecosystem expanding the traditional view of UC&C data sources from a focus on real-time communications into a larger universe of relevant systems and sources.

r2 8-Jun-17 - Added details on devices as a UC&C data source

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31 May 2017
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