UC Adoption Trends

Analysis of UC deployment and active user trends

This report tackles the age-old topic of UC Adoption, with the objective to deliver a quantified estimate of the total number of Enterprise UC Licenses that are actively used in 2018. To achieve this goal, we combine data from our 2018 Worldwide UC Forecast, our Q3 2018 ITDM UC survey, and our Q4 2018 End-User UC survey.

Key sections within this report include:

  • Total UC Licenses – 2018
  • Enterprise Analysis – Penetration and Deployment Rates
  • End User Analysis – Active UC Use and Application Overlap
  • Active UC Analysis – Estimated Active Licenses
  • Active User Segmentation Analysis
    • Active Use by Modality: Messaging, Meetings and Calling
    • Active Use by Enterprise Size
    • Active Use by Age Demographic

This report is heavily weighted towards data analysis, but includes several key assumptions required to deliver the Active UC License metric. All assumptions, and the related math behind our analysis, are identified and included within this report.

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21 Dec 2018
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