Trends in Online Video Content Creation

Quantifying Approaches Used in Producing Business Streaming Video

Streaming technology platforms that enable the production of “broadcast quality” content have an advantage over those with less advanced content creation capabilities, according to results from a survey of 2,004 end-users conducted by Wainhouse Research in the fourth quarter of 2017. This focus on broadcast quality video is particularly the case among organizations with large budgets for streaming technology implementation.

In this report, WR quantifies the venues that organizations most frequently use to produce streaming video content, the devices employed to create video shared with others via enterprise YouTube platforms and gauges the extent to which executives have confidence in their own ability to create video that’s good enough to share with others in their organization. Overall, the results suggest that the organizations spending the most on streaming implementations continue to favor high-quality video productions and that the long-promised “democratization of video” enabled by increasingly ubiquitous video capture via webcam and smartphone remain a promise of the future rather than a reality of today.

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30 Mar 2018
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