From Tokyo to Tallahassee, Target to Ticketmaster, Slack is where work happens

An update on the world’s fastest-growing collaboration hub
Posted Date: 
8 May 2018
Company Blog Post

Since launching four years ago, Slack has become the fastest-growing business application in history, a collaboration hub that brings the right people together with the right conversations, information, and tools they use at work.

Around the world, teams of all kinds are experiencing profound changes in the way work gets done. Organizations need to evolve and change more often (and more quickly) than ever before. Slack is emerging as the answer to this need.

Ours is a purpose-built product that supports the way people actually work today?—?from messaging environments, to a multitude of cloud services, to a more open, dynamic work culture. From retailers, to research universities, to the largest financial services organizations, businesses are thriving in Slack.

We’re in the early stage of this sea change, and the momentum continues to build. Today, there are over 8 million Daily Active Users (DAUs) across the more than 500,000 organizations that use Slack to get work done. We have more than 3 million paid users, and 65% of the companies in the Fortune 100 are now paid Slack customers. More than 70,000 paid teams, many of which have multiple thousands of active users, connect in Slack channels across departments, functions, borders, and oceans.