The Last Digital Holdout: Using Technology to Unleash Creativity and Enable Nimble Group Processes

A push is on for organizations to innovate well and quickly.  This is reflected in the immense set of social, environmental, and process changes occurring in the workplace.  But while technology has helped knowledge workers collaborate locally and over distance in so many ways, there has been one "last digital holdout."  This holdout is an area of workflow very familiar to many of us - where people, ideas, and strategic and tactical thinking intersect: group interactions.  Such interactions are the cornerstone to innovation, as they are the bedrock of effective processes and productivity.

Wainhouse Research interviewed a number of thought leaders and users of collaborative technologies about their group processes, and in spring 2016 surveyed knowledge workers in North America involved in group processes in their organizations. This paper combines some of what we learned conducting this research with additional reviews of the latest trends and thinking concerning workplace reinvention and organizational transformation. Sponsored by Nureva, this paper explores the importance of collective work, methods of group process transformation, typical obstacles to successful group interactions - and where technology, particularly in the form of new types of brainstorming and ideation platforms, can help make a difference.

Readers will come away with a new vocabulary surrounding brainstorming and ideation platforms - and understand methods of aligning brick-and-mortar and virtual processes to improve employee output and better enable innovation.

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18 Oct 2016