The Collaborative Enterprise

How enterprises are adapting to support the modern meeting

The term “workplace transformation” has become an increasingly popular phrase these days, applied liberally by vendors, service providers and industry analysts alike. However, there is little doubt that today’s workplace is undergoing a massive transformation on many levels, driven by changes in who we work with, what we do, where we work, why we work, and – perhaps most importantly – how we work. The way work gets done, increasingly, relies on collaboration between two or more individuals, with fluid and agile teams replacing individual contributors across many organizations.

As these changes continue, many enterprises are sprinting to keep up, working to adapt their environment in support of the modern meeting. Aided by the analysis of survey data, this paper examines the evolution of the workplace and the tools that are being used to collaborate.  Specific focus is given to ‘the collaborative workplace’ that blends highly interactive physical spaces with the tool set required to enable and encourage virtual collaboration.

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28 Jan 2015