The State of Collaborative Education Technology Markets - 2018

Collaborative technology demand drivers, market trends, and vendor positioning for Higher Education and Primary / Secondary Educational Markets

Review of the most relevant issues: the demand drivers, development trends,  implementation and market issues, and use of educational technologies.  This document details opportunities in educational markets; describes the total addressable market size in higher education and primary and secondary education worldwide; explores key market shifts that are impacting technology development and factors that are shaping an increasingly competitive landscape, and makes predictions regarding the outlook for 2018.  New this year: factors driving IT decision makers, educators, and learners, with an entirely new data set and four pages of new findings and supporting evidence based on in-depth interviews.

Table of Contents:

  • Market Description and Segmentation
  • Education Market Trends - What's Hot
  • Provider Landscape
  • Market Sizing and Momentum
  • Key Observations and Predictions
No. of Pages: 
31 Jan 2018
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