Setting a New Gold Standard for Webinar Analytics

How Savvy Marketers Measure and Mind "Online Engagement" to Build Pipeline and Revenue

WR end-user survey results suggest that momentum behind using webinars for applications beyond lead generation is accelerating. A higher percentage of respondents say their organizations plan to initiate use of webinars for both demonstrating products and services (24% plan to initiate in 2016) and branding / positioning (28%) than are those planning to initiate use of webinars for lead generation (21%). The bottom line from these results is that usage of webinars for marketing applications beyond lead generation already is substantial and is likely to represent a growing share of corporate webinar activity in the years ahead. As a result, marketers have to look for ways to foster more engagement with webinar attendees, develop techniques for tracking this interactivity, and find ways to use this engagement data to optimize an organization’s performance. This report provides greater detail on how webinar analytics are changing and what marketers need to do in order to keep pace.

This white paper commissioned by ON24.

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4 Oct 2016