Rich Media Metrics - Videoconferencing End User Survey - 2010

Quantitative data based on a survey of 159 videoconferencing end users.

The Rich Media Metrics program is a series of statistical surveys intended to measure customer (including resellers) attitudes, preferences, and buying/deployment trends across a wide variety of conferencing and collaboration issues that span unified communications, videoconferencing, streaming and webcasting, as well as managed services. 

This study tracks end user attitudes, preferences, and buying/deployment trends for visual collaboration and conferencing products and services, with an emphasis on videoconferencing in particular. Survey respondents come from several lists, including the Wainhouse Research Bulletin subscriber list, and are generally very savvy about conferencing and collaboration products and services for the enterprise. The report provides survey results for the current year and tracks some trends over multiple years.

1 Dec 2010
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