A Quick Look at the Sony PCS-XG80 Video System

This research note provides insight and analysis into the capabilities, pros and cons of Sony's PCS-XG80 videoconferencing system.

In 2008, Sony introduced the PCS-XG80 and advertised it as the industry’s first 1080i capable videoconferencing system. Key features of this video system include:

  • Support for H.264, H.263, and H.261 video protocols
  • Support for HD video resolution (HD720p and HD1080i at up to 60 fps)
  • Support for standard definition video resolution
  • Integrated 6-way video MCU
  • Dual stream support (H.239) at up to 30 fps
  • Integrated error correction / network resiliency capabilities

This research note provides WR’s findings and opinions after installing two PCS-XG80 systems in our Atlanta test lab and conducting a number of test calls between the Sony systems and systems from other manufacturers. In general, the results were mixed with the XG80 performing extremely well in some areas and sub-par in others.

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4 Nov 2009
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