Q4 2018 Personal Meeting Decision Maker Survey

Meeting technology and solutions: plans and trends in small, mid-sized and large enterprises

In Q4, 2018, Wainhouse Research conducted its first annual Personal Meetings Decision Maker Survey. Personal Meetings consist of real-time audio, video, and/or content sharing between a meeting host and two or more virtual participants. This year’s survey focuses on organizations of all sizes, with the distribution of respondents spread across small, mid-sized and large enterprises mostly in North America. The data from the 181 IT and conferencing professionals inform on several topics in audio, web and video conferencing:

  • Changes in conferencing utilization over the past 18 months and looking forward 18 months, along with the factors driving the changes. The survey panel was also asked about its licensing plans for conferencing solutions, comparing today to 18 months from now.
  • Audio and Web conferencing vendor market shares today and in 18 months, along with Net Promoter Scores for the vendors with significant share.
  • The survey panel’s sentiment on team messaging’s impact on other modes of communication, voice services from personal meeting vendors, approaches to providing meeting services to non-desk employees, and who has influence on communication technology purchases.

Vendors covered in this report include Personal Meeting platforms (e.g., Cisco Webex Meetings, LMI GoToMeeting, PGi Global Meet, Adobe Connect, etc.), UC and Team Collaboration platforms (e.g., Microsoft Skype for Business / Teams, Cisco Jabber / Webex Teams, Google Hangouts, Amazon Chime, etc.), VCaaS platforms (e.g., Zoom, BlueJeans, etc.), and Audio Conferencing platforms (e.g., Arkadin, PGi, West, etc.).

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18 Dec 2018
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