Q1 2019 Meeting Room Collaboration End User Survey

Trends in meetings, huddle rooms, web/video conferencing, interactive flat displays (UC boards) and other solutions used in the meeting rooms

In January of 2019, Wainhouse Research (WR) surveyed 355 end users about how they meet and how they use their organizations’ meeting rooms. The survey explores the use and effectiveness of meeting room equipment such as Interactive Flat Displays (UC Boards) and video conferencing systems. The survey pool was also asked about the meeting software (video and web conferencing) they use to connect with remote meeting participants.

This survey panel is from North America and was screened for employment as well as how much time they work in their company’s office. The panel participants work at organizations of all sizes (250 to over 5,000 employees) with nearly 40% coming from large companies (over 2,500 employees).

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11 Feb 2019
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