Patterns in Enterprise Streaming Viewership

Gauging How Much Professionals Watch Online Video at Work

For organizations contemplating the implementation of enterprise streaming technology platforms, one of the major issues driving the purchase decision – according to results of a 2,004 executive survey fielded by Wainhouse Research in the fourth quarter of 2017 - is determining whether employees will actually watch online video enough to make the investment in streaming solutions worthwhile. This report quantifies the extent to which employees watch online video for business applications, highlighting results from questions that both measure the time spent watch business online video weekly and the frequency with which workers engage with live- and on-demand  video. Viewership metrics showcased in this report segment usage totals by respondents’ age, gender, functional discipline and executive role. Consumption comparisons also are segmented based on an organization’s line of business and the size of its annual budget for implementing streaming technologies.

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24 Dec 2017
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