Panopto Delivers Best-In-Class Live Video Analytics Powered by Hive Streaming

Posted Date: 
19 Oct 2018
Company Press Release

Seattle/Stockholm, October 18, 2018 — Panopto, a leading enterprise video platform provider, and Hive Streaming, a leader in enterprise video distribution, today announced a strategic distribution agreement. Through the agreement, Panopto customers will have access to Hive Insights, a video analytics dashboard that provides network, application and video production teams with actionable reports on live event performance, quality of experience, and network load. Starting today, Hive Insights will be included with Panopto at no additional cost to Panopto customers.

In recent years, live streaming has become a critical part of executive messaging, corporate communications, employee development, and corporate events. As businesses increasingly insource the production and management of these events, IT organizations and AV teams need tools that simplify video streaming, network monitoring, and troubleshooting. In response to this market demand, Panopto and Hive engineering teams have worked together to integrate Panopto’s live streaming solution and the Hive Insights dashboard. The integration extends the reach of Hive Streaming to Panopto customers to enhance the enterprise video viewing experience.

During a live stream, Hive Insights monitors viewing data, quality of experience, and network load down to individual subnets and devices, providing interactive reports that can be accessed by the video production and network administration teams. Reports can be filtered by location, streaming quality, operating system, device, and browser. In addition, production teams can view aggregate event data such as overall network impact, or drill down into specific regions, cities, locations, and subnets to identify network bottlenecks.