The New Frontier: Purchasing a Service-Attached Video Conferencing Room System

A look at six popular meeting service providers, how they define their room systems, and how users acquire them

The introduction of service-attached video conferencing (VC) room systems opens the door for new ways for users to purchase their in-room equipment.  Unlike “standards-centric” appliance systems, “service-attached” systems are intended to run the meeting application software provided by the user’s meeting service provider.  In particular, “reference-design kits” (see Figure 1) call for a select combination of industry-standard components (PCs/NUCs, USB cameras, USB speakers / mics, etc.) as specified by the meeting service provider – which opens the possibility of sourcing and bundling the system hardware either directly from the service provider or in the channel.

This note looks at six popular VC meeting service providers, how they define their “service-attached” meeting room endpoints and their approach for users to acquire these systems.  The differences demonstrate that the market is in transition, and that these VC meeting services providers may not have yet determined the optimal way to get their preferred endpoint hardware into the user’s rooms.

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2 Aug 2018
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