Microsoft Streams into the Enterprise

Redmond Launches First Stand-Alone Platform Enabling On-Demand Video Behind the Corporate Firewall

After months of telegraphing its intentions to enter the enterprise streaming fray, Microsoft on July 18 took its first tangible steps in that direction with the “preview release” of Microsoft Stream - a hosted video application designed for use behind the corporate firewall.

While the scope of features served up in the new offering is relatively limited, the launch of Microsoft Stream nevertheless marks a significant milestone for the enterprise streaming market. Due to Microsoft’s sheer size and dominating market position, its new foray into streaming platforms represents both threat and opportunity to most established vendors of enterprise streaming solutions. Indeed, the entry of the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant triggers a new calculus for all market players when determining their own product positioning, partnering strategies and priorities in future product development.

In this research note, WR provides a first look at the current Microsoft Stream solution, discusses Microsoft’s priorities for adding new capabilities to the streaming platform, and considers the implications of this product launch on the broader enterprise streaming segment.

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19 Jul 2016
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