Microsoft Education 2017

The Shot Heard Round the Business (and some of the Educational) World

In early May 2017, Microsoft introduced a set of educational products and services that WR believes represented a new, deeper-than-ever focus on the Education market. The breadth and depth of the announcements were a shot across the bow of both Google and Apple – with Cisco just over the horizon, monitoring via radar.  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella keynoted a full-day event in New York City that involved almost every consumer-facing Microsoft business unit or product group, including the Windows, Office 365, Minecraft, and Surface device groups. Terry Myerson, EVP for the Windows and Devices Group, appeared to be the glue holding the disparate groups together.  Third-party partners also presented their products within the Microsoft Education ecosystem, empowered much in the ways that Apple has involving its developers for years: bring them in and show off what can be accomplished. The announcement was a significant event such that it was well-covered by the mainstream press.

The announcement included a new Student version of Windows 10, new PCs and a Microsoft-designed Surface Laptop, free one-year subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition, free Microsoft Office 365 for Education with Microsoft Teams, and a free trial of Microsoft’s enterprise system management software, InTune.

This research note recaps the event and related announcements and provides WR’s first take.


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2 Jun 2017
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