Meeting Room Management for the Next-Gen Enterprise (document and video)

Monitoring, controlling, and automating a large-scale collaboration environment

When it comes to the pro-active management of their global AV meeting room estate, most enterprises are flying blind.  Or even worse – they’re flying blind with both hands tied behind their back.

But wait – this is the world of cloud services and IOT.  The roster of IP-ready AV devices keeps growing.  And for just a few hundred dollars, I can remotely monitor and manage my home.  I can activate my house alarm, set the temperature in my living room, water my yard, and even heat up my pool – all via the Internet.  How can the AV world be so far behind?  The reason is that due to cost, complexity, and frankly choice, most AV meeting rooms were designed to operate independently.

In recent years, thanks to technological advancements and the need to scale the meeting room estate without sacrificing ease of use, meeting rooms have become simpler.  But to minimize cost and expedite deployments, many of these simpler rooms (e.g. most huddle rooms) do not include an AV control system.  The result is an even larger estate of rooms, systems, and devices that cannot be remotely monitored or efficiently managed.

This study, sponsored by Barco, provides information and insight into a software-based, centralized, IT-friendly approach to AV meeting room monitoring and management.  Areas of focus include:

  • The Current "State of the State" in AV Monitoring and Management
  • Traditional Ways to Solve the Problem
  • An IT-Mindset for AV Meeting Rooms

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11 Apr 2018