Mano a Mano: Web Conferencing Versus Lecture Capture

Panel discussion at WCET Conference in Denver, November 2013

Distance ed and online learning have leveraged the ubiquity of PC’s, smartphones, and tablets, and innovations in appliances, software, and search tools in recent years.  Web conferencing and lecture capture have been a part of that process, though each have “attacked” the challenges of online learning using different approaches.  Mano a mano, when does each of these best the other, when are both requisite technologies, and how are they likely to evolve to address tomorrow’s teaching and learning challenges?

WR senior analyst Alan D. Greenberg ran a panel at the WCET conference in Denver, Colorado in November 2013.  No punches were held as Valerie Schreiner, VP Product Management at Blackboard went hand to hand with Sean Brown, Senior VP Education Markets for Sonic Foundry.  Darlene Williams, Vice President for Technology, Research, and Economic Development at Louisiana’s Northwestern State University added her two cents as an end user of both types of technologies.


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19 Nov 2013