Lync: Microsoft's Software-Powered Unified Communications Strategy for 2011 and Beyond

A Critical Assessment of Microsoft Lync's Fitness as an Enterprise Communications Solution and the Potential Impact It Will Have on Competitors


Microsoft has inspired the imagination of enterprises and organizations across the world with a vision of “what could be” in the next generation of software-based communications solutions – solutions designed to remove the silos between communications capabilities,

modalities, and workflow applications.  No one can dispute Microsoft’s tremendous influence on the direction and products offered in today’s UC market.  Beginning with Live Communications Server 2003 and 2005, migrating through Office Communications Server R1 and R2, and now with the introduction of Microsoft Lync, the company continues to define and redefine the baseline capabilities to which other unified communications solutions must measure up. 


This detailed assement of Microsoft's Lync platform includes the following:

  • Explanation of the enhancements to Microsoft's Enterprise Voice capabilities
  • Eescription of the Office 365 offering and licensing plans
  • Architectural overview of Microsoft Lync's major components and server roles
  • Deployment example showing servers and software licenses required for a deployment of 10,000 users including a detailed cost analysis
  • Assessment of Microsoft's impact on the UC market


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8 Dec 2010
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