Learning Tech Evaluation of Adobe Captivate Prime

Hands-on Testing of a Powerful, Next-Generation Learning Management System

Launched in late 2015, Adobe Captivate Prime could be considered a next-generation LMS, designed with a vision to provide personalized learning experiences across the breadth of devices that learners use today.  It supports a broad spectrum of enterprise learning, with extensive content support, video enablement and performance, and personalization capabilities.  Similarly, elements like multi-tenancy, Adobe Connect integration, integrations via an API layer, enterprise system and learning content connectors, and migration tools all help make the case this LMS is ready for large enterprise deployments.

From late September 2017 to November 2017 Wainhouse Research created two of its own instances of Captivate Prime.  This evaluation summarizes our perceptions of the platform’s efficacy in enabling enterprise learning programs. We look at the product from the perspective of the learner, course author, administrator, and manager, while also evaluating its mobile app and overall platform capabilities.

This evaluation explores:

  • Learner experience
  • Course author experience
  • Administrator experience
  • Manager experience
  • Mobile app
  • Platform capabilities
  • Three things WR would want to see improved upon and Adobe’s likelihood of delivering on those areas

Captivate Prime shows that an Enterprise LMS does not have to be complicated, if it focuses on user-centric design principles, and easy uploading and access to content.  We believe the Fluidic Player is a major competitive advantage and its embeddable version will allow L&D groups to put relevant learning squarely within an organization’s workflow, in places we can only begin to imagine.  This is one Enterprise LMS to watch out for in how it is positioned to deliver a modern learning experience now and going forward.

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19 Jan 2018