Learner Survey Results - Video’s Significant Role in Corporate Learning

Wainhouse Research conducted a survey of 2,004 professionals in the fourth quarter of 2017 to gauge use, deployment, and perceptions of technology platforms and services used for communications such as corporate streaming video and webcasting as well as learning.  Within that survey, WR fielded a set of ten questions related to preferences for learning modalities and sentiment for on-demand training, career development, and the use of video in various applications of enterprise learning.

This report contains the overall survey pool responses to these questions. In the survey findings, learners rank instructor-led classes, coaching and mentoring, and short-clip videos as their top three preferences for learning new material. Additionally, agreement ranged from 72% to over 90% that videos created by learners, subject matter experts, and professional content providers are valued aspects of on-boarding, coaching and mentoring, and general on-demand training programs. Respondents also indicate that on-demand career development programs can play a vital role in an organization’s employee recruiting and retention strategies.

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15 Jan 2018
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