Learner Generated Video: Obstacles and Guidance

Survey data provides insights for success with video learning

Core to modernizing corporate learning is to encourage learners to contribute content that helps others in the organization improve their skills and knowledge. Critical to empowering a workforce and creating a more agile organization is getting employees to share their expertise so that others have on-demand access. We believe that short, self-recorded video clips demonstrating good practice will be the medium that is most likely to succeed for two reasons: First, video or screen recordings from a technical perspective are easy to accomplish and second, with the success of YouTube how-to videos, workers have already demonstrated they watch and value short-form videos.

Video sharing systems for enterprise learners have existed for several years, but their uptake has been only gradual within certain types of organizations, and slower than many expected. Based on a recent survey of learners, this research note explores the demographics of learners who indicate they may or may not lack the skills to create such videos.  The note also suggests some remedies and concludes with a multi-phase approach for a successful learner-generated content program.

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9 Oct 2017
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